Former NEHS ASB President for Mayor. #64PolicyGoals

"Less Stupid with Thomas Hiura" is an audio/video podcast!

Being smarter is good. Being less stupid is also good.

Sit Still [Short film, 4 min, 2015]

A short film about ADHD and similar forms of neurodivergence.


A 5-minute film about finding your place as a high school student.

Theory of Knowledge - Ways of Knowing [Short Film, 5 min, 20

How epistemology is informed by Emotion, Memory, Language, Reason, and Sense Perception.

Rap Battle the Mayor Part 1 [Hip-Hop Freestyle, 1 min, 2019]

Check out this great video

Pokémon Theme [A Cappella, 2 min, 2016]

Check out this great video

Take on Me [A Cappella, 3 min, 2016]

Some sour notes but the first minute or so is ok! :)

Weezer Drum Cover [Music, 3 min, 2009]

This has about 450,000 views and 230 comments more than it deserves. It is a basic drum cover of late 2000s Weezer, filmed on a point-and-shoot camera.

Oregon to Minnesota [Hip-Hop Music Video, 2014]


It Ain't Nothin' [Hip-Hop, 2014]


Higher Rehearsal [A Cappella Rap, 4 min, 2014]

Performed with Exit 69 A Cappella. This was during a rehearsal of the concert, which is why some singers are shoeless.

MLK Tribute Video [2011]

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High Schoolers on Kelly Middle School [2011]

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NEHS Small Schools Farewell Tribute [2013]

I created this film after graduating from North Eugene High School, at the request of U.S. history teacher Clair Wiles. It reflects on the Small Schools program that created three smaller communities at the high school, during my time as a student.

I speak more about this program in a video by mathematics teacher Cody Rosenberg.

Jaws Remake

For fans of JAWS --  we did a shot-for-shot remake of a scene from the film, using the original audio!

The Giver [Short Film, 30...interesting minutes, 2008]

You're not gonna see another Eugene Mayoral candidate featuring a 30-minute film they made in 8th grade.

It's really up to you whether that's a good thing or not.

Cinco De Mayo film

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