Former NEHS ASB President for Mayor. 64 Policies for a Eugene We Can Be Proud Of.

Welcome to INTERVIEWS!

I am trying to do more than the typical Eugene political candidate. I want you to get to know me, sure.

But I also want to get to know YOU, and also give YOU a voice.

I have a long history of conducting 1:1 or small group interviews.

If you have an idea, a concern, or just a personal story to share, I would love to use my platform to spotlight you.

Mainstream Press

New York Times features Thomas


Reflecting on educational opportunity and disparities in different communities.

ALL Eugene students should have an outstanding education! 



Disclaimer: I am not in this video. But I have held multiple roles in this organization (LEDA), and we were all very happy to receive this kind of media attention. I am sharing it because it addresses an urgent educational issue. 

KVAL on Thomas


2012 Everyday Hero video. 

R-G on School Board Candidates