Former NEHS ASB President for Mayor. #64PolicyGoals

Pillar 7: History


#1: Lift up the histories of this community

Respect elders and learn about timber, schools, athletes, Skinner, counterculture, and Kalapuya who built and sustain us.

#2: Input more monuments, with info, into AR mobile games

Yes, Eugene still welcomes many to our thriving, disability-inclusive, multigenerational Pokemon Go community.

#3: Reduce or eliminate admission costs for history museums, for youth and seniors

While most historical museums in the area are free for toddlers, others still charge admission for youth and seniors. I strongly believe that allowing people in these age groups to experience history -- particularly Eugene and Lane County history -- will yield dividends for our community. Many generations experience a crisis in belonging, and it is in our collective interest to allow them to engage with our past without being burdened by entry fees.


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