Former NEHS ASB President for Mayor. #64PolicyGoals

Pillar 5 : Climate (Social)


#1: End street harassment!

Women, kids, students and the elderly deserve to feel safe throughout Eugene. Bike path lighting is just one piece of this.

#2: Conservative Dignity Initiative

Having grown up as a progressive liberal in Eugene, I have been increasingly frustrated with the climate of decreasing bipartisanship. I am sick of seeing right-leaning and fiscally conservative friends demonized for airing real concerns, and 2016 only made this worse.

#3: Defend scientific knowledge

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#4: Support all-ages music venues

I have admiration for people who host live music, wherever it is happening. But I especially believe Eugene's youth are at their best when all-ages music opportunities are available. From the perspectives of health, safety, vibrancy and diversity, these venues are more important than bars.


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