Former NEHS ASB President for Mayor. #64PolicyGoals

Pillar 2: Mental Health


#1: Bring this issue out of the shadows

Promoting a more empathetic and scientific dialogue about mental health is something the Mayor can do on their own. We have to affirm that there is no shame in having neurodivergence in one's family. I happen to live with PTSD, bipolar disorder, and generalized anxiety. I love my brain, and having medically accurate knowledge of these conditions has allowed me to be as productive and happy as anyone else.

#2: Reduce drug use among young teens

This is a public health issue for many in our community, and denying that fact will not get us anywhere. Cannabis, alcohol, illicit drugs, and yes, nicotine and caffeine can all be abused. For 12 and 13 year-olds, the centers of the brain associated with pleasure develop faster than those associated with risk analysis and decision-making.  We need to empower youth leaders  to do relevant, evidence-based advocacy, if we want to change the culture. 

#3 Multi-genre Concert for Mental Wellness

In 2019, a study showed that 73% of independent musicians experience mental illness.


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