Former NEHS ASB President for Mayor. #64PolicyGoals

Pillar 1: Education


#1: Menstrual hygiene products in schools, free of charge (DONE)

On November 4, 2019, I announced this as the very first policy I would fight for. I believed that if the school board could not fund this basic necessity for students, the city would be able to make it happen in my first year in office. Luckily, 4J made this commitment less than three weeks after my announcement. As Mayor, I will fight for Bethel and private schools to do the same.

#2: Oppose stopwatch-based reading tests

I will work with education leaders to emphasize comprehension, critical thought, and creative literacy. When you measure a kid's reading by words per minute, you simultaneously suck the joy out of reading and encourage them to view language arts as a race. This is damaging and antithetical to the skills that elementary education should be equipping our youth with.

#3: Visit schools and report back weekly

As Mayor of a town that revolves around education, I will make an unprecedented commitment to visit a school at least once every single week. I am a former educator, and this would hardly be work, for me. I would relish the opportunity to be connected with what's going on in our schools, encouraging civic engagement from youth, and reporting back honestly in weekly Mayor's blogs.

#4 Support the LCC bond

Our campaign will be on the same ballot as this crucial bond! I am so proud that Eugeneans have continually put our students first, voting for more funding when the state has been an inconsistent source of revenue. I urge you to vote for this bond, and I will fight for and promote LCC opportunities within K-12 schools, as Mayor of Eugene.


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