Former NEHS ASB President for Mayor. 64 Policies for a Eugene We Can Be Proud Of.

Policy ideas!


Fact: it's thought of as a BAD idea to list lots of policy on your website, early in a race.

It gets you enemies. But I am much more interested in getting things done for Eugene

 than I am in making friendships.


- The FIRST thing I would fight for is the availability of feminine hygiene products in all 4J middle and high schools. It is simply the right thing to do.

- Oregon is 48th in the country in graduation rate. That happened under the watch of decades of state legislators and school boards losing sight of how ESSENTIAL education is, as a resource. I hate to tell ya, but this has largely happened under Democratic leadership, because neither party has prioritized it enough. 


- Intentionally get to know all of the school therapists in 4J. Get them what they need.

- Hold events that specifically aim to break the silence and stigma around mental health and neurodivergence.


- I may have to be pushy to come anywhere near winning this race, but that is okay. Direct communication and frustration are health -- toxicity and hatred are not.

 - I want to find ways to honor kindness as a societal resource.

- Making fun service events and promoting them well. When people come together to do good, that's when lasting change happens.


- I will say some of the exact same things the current Mayor said, when she was debating Mike Clark and the other candidates in April 2016: this is a gnarly issue. I pledge to fight harder than any previous Mayor on it, because THAT is what Eugene needs, in this tipping point moment.

- We can learn from the comparable cities who have turned their communities around.

- My father has been unhoused for 8 years, and I have experienced it, too. Compassion is absolutely needed.


- At the risk of destroying the credibility my campaign has, I will proceed and say this: Art needs to be absolutely central -- not just an added bonus -- in any truly healthy community.

- I want to give a lifetime achievement award to an amazing internationally known artist, multiple times per year. They would come to Eugene, for a free/donation-only audience, and I'd give them the award. As someone with years musical experience, I would be uniquely suited to do this as Mayor. If Ruth Bascom was "the cycling Mayor," I want to be "the musical Mayor."

Policies and Positions

Term Limits

We have NO term limits for Mayor or City Council, right now. That is ridiculous, and out-of-touch. Both roles should have the same limits the Governor of Oregon has: no more than 8 years in any 12-year period.

Deeply Atone for Our Racist Roots

People hear this and immediately think I'm talking about reparations. As a city, we're not doing that, but we DO need to show real atonement. For example, some of the new streets should be named after a historically significant Black Oregonians or two.