Former NEHS ASB President for Mayor. #64PolicyGoals

Meet Thomas


I moved to River Road from Japan when I was almost two years old. I've spent 20 years in Eugene, where I've been a lifelong advocate for education, and for countless issues we could help solve with better education.

I attended Yujin Gakuen Elementary, Kelly Middle, and North Eugene High School, where I was elected Student Body President in Fall 2011. While at North, I was focused on inclusion, positive climate, food drives, clothing drives for the homeless, athletics, debate, band, drama, and The Caledonian newspaper. If I'm honest, the adult Me is better at focusing my efforts, and is definitely less of a troublemaker. :)

Looking back, I am grateful to be able to say that I had serious struggles, during senior year. My father had gone to jail in 2011, and he has been homeless ever since. That sudden change was hard to manage, and it took a toll on my mental health.
[ASIDE: As Mayor, I would be extremely dedicated to helping schools have the resources to help struggling students. I can only imagine how much of an impact it would have made, if the Mayor of Eugene had reached out to me in a time like that. I believe the Mayor should be in schools at least once per week, while the City Council is in session.]

After graduating in 2012, I interned with Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon AND the Oregon League of Conservation Voters. Many hours were spent making phone calls, doing data entry, and leading volunteers. It was hard work, but we led a very successful lobby day in Salem (INSERT MEGAPHONE PICTURE), and worked to protect reproductive freedom and climate justice.

I've lived in Japan, Minnesota, New York, Massachusetts, Rome, the SSV Corwith Cramer in the Caribbean... and back home to Eugene. :)

A year after high school, I was ready and enthusiastic to go to college. I chose Carleton College in Minnesota, where I got my degree in American Studies/Educational Studies.

I am so grateful for the super-rural experience I had at Carleton (Northfield population: 20,000), but after finishing at an intense college, I was ready to chill out for a bit. Eugene beckoned for another year of time away from school. I worked as a bellhop at Hilton Eugene, enjoying that experience immensely as I applied to grad schools. With eyes on a Master's in Social Studies Teaching, I applied to Oregon, Duke, Michigan, Northwestern, USC, and two Ivy League schools. I considered it a blessing from God when I was accepted to all of them, and I headed for student-teaching and graduate work at Teachers College, Columbia University.

The future

A Mayor who cares deeply.

A Mayor who communicates every single day.

A Mayor who fights for representation and diversity, as the first queer Mayor, the first Mayor of color, and the first openly gender non-binary Mayor of a U.S. city.

Some opponents tell me it's not my time! I say Eugene deserves proven leadership, like, YESTERDAY! :)

Monthly Cool Events

MCE-1 --  22 Aug 2019 -- Hip-Hop Ramen Night

A huge success!

In-person attendees: 17.

Livestream attendees: 3.

MCE-2 -- ?? September 2019 -- [Stuff You Don't Expect to Go Together But It Ends Up Bein' Cool]

Painting and Pizza Day (with optional Personal Interviews)

possibly on September 22nd

An upcoming project!

In-person attendees: ??
Livestream attendees: ??


Sh** I've Done

When you run for office at 26, people want to know that you have a proven record of service and accomplishments.

With all glory to God, I do. Here is my resume.