Former NEHS ASB President for Mayor. 64 Policies for a Eugene We Can Be Proud Of.

Historically, Eugene has always been cool!

The Cool Factor

We love Eugene. We know it's a beautiful enclave of art and culture, nestled in the most beautiful region of the Americas.

Simply put: Eugeneans are very cool! Of the three Mayors in my lifetime, Piercy is the closest one to matching the coolness level I want in the "ceremonial" leader of our town! If the mayor is going to be fairly inconsequential, they should at least have STYLE, right?

I'm not running for Mayor to be cool, but to push the city harder in the right direction.

But I also believe in the small gestures of a great leader; the friendly moments that inspire confidence and demonstrate charm. As of my writing this, I have yet to meet the Mayor, and I promise to judge her character independently, when we meet for tea. But I am concerned with the experience of voters who have already talked to me. They say she is bright, but antisocial. I think she is ethical and steady, but not committed nor vigorous enough to have earned a second term.

It is my commitment to make sure Eugene has a leader who truly commits, truly rocks, and loves the culture of this city with every fiber of their being.

A Cool Feature

It was very cool of KVAL to cover NEHS a lot, when I was a student there.