Committed, Proven, Smarter Leadership in Eugene, Oregon

Reject the Crisis-Level Status Quo.
Elect Thomas Hiura for Eugene Mayor.

What's up? 

I'm proud to be a lifelong Eugenean since moving from Japan at age 1.5.

Our community is special. We intelligent, hard-working, creative, tenacious, and family-centered Eugeneans are ALWAYS proud to reject nonsense.

That's why I'm running to boldly fix our leadership crisis on the Eugene City Council.

I cannot simply vote for the same Mayor again... while our climate, affordable housing, schools, and mental health are in serious decline.

I have the bold vision and leadership credentials needed to enact change.

I am the right person to build on the slow progress of the last four years,

and return us to a safe, clean, inclusive Eugene that we can all be proud of.

Please vote Thomas Hiura on May EIGHTEENTH, 2020!

Humanity And Tough Truths! 💪🏼


"So...who are you?"

I'm Thomas Jeffery Hiura, I use all gender pronouns, and it would be an honor to earn your vote in May.

I'm a bellhop in downtown Eugene. I've been an Ivy League student-teacher of American government in NYC, a resident of River Road since 1995, a touring musician, and an advocate for kindness and humanity in our North Eugene community for over eight years. 

It's time to break out the red pen on the Eugene City Council. They're in need of Tough Truths.

Until they represent ALL of us properly, I'll gladly show up to their meetings and give them the bad grades they've unfortunately earned.

Mayoral Platform

Five Pillars of a Stronger Eugene 💪

Education, Mental Health, Climate, Housing, and Art!

Details are being added to the page tabs -- some are briefly laid out in the "Issues" album at

By the end of October 2019, I will have comprehensive plans and achievable goals for all five of these issues.

My goal is to affect change in the untapped ways a committed Mayor can, without wildly increasing YOUR tax burden and mine.

Supporting EUGENE Businesses

We're not Multnomah County, where our Portland-focused state government tends to pay most attention.

We can do so much more for our businesses, builders, and job creators.

As a recipient of the Eugene Area Chamber of Commerce's Future First Citizen Award, I was named a future business leader in 2011.

After years producing music and audio/visual content in the private sector, I've also developed a business plan for a Hip-Hop Ramen Shop!

While I believe deeply in regulations which protect our climate and safety, I am frustrated that Lane County has become so tough for small business owners. It's short-sighted, foolish, and does little to help anyone.

The 40th Mayor

An upcoming essay about the future, and about the legacy of our previous 39 community leaders.

Spoiler Alert:

I think it would be a GOOD thing to elect someone who would be different than the typical mold.



Painting, Pizza, and Poetry in the Park

6pm - 7:30pm

Maurie Jacobs Park

Event Details


Painting, Pizza, and Poetry in the Park

We invite you to listen to paint, write a poem, or just enjoy the good vibes!

Kyran Johnson will be playing sweet music on his ukulele!

At 7pm, it will be livestreaming at

6pm - 7:30pm

Maurie Jacobs Park

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